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Exatlon Hungary: Was Iza Ojvari sent home?

Due to his injury, Iza Ogvari was in danger of remaining in the race. Viewers will already send the anti-pathetic hero home.

Those who follow the show also remember that Iza Ogvari’s knee injury was repeated in Broadcast 88, allowing her to separate Estonian from the edge of the field for the rest of her team for several days. Then the doctors allowed him to compete again in the 98th broadcast, but only with a knee pad.

Then at the 100th show, he injured his knee again and he didn’t run into race day Tuesday either. Since there are only five contestants, the question arises as to what will be the fate of Iza Ogvari.

Will he keep getting into the Battle of the Four and keep fighting, or give it all up, or will he be sent home?

Exatlon Hungary: Is Iza Ujvári not worth the liquidation?

Exatlon Hungary: Is Iza Ujvári not worth the liquidation?

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Well, if it had been a matter of perseverance and loyalty to the series, but viewers were increasingly diminishing, Iza would have been home weeks ago. But now they are really confident that doctors will soon pass a judgment on him.

“Isa you have no conscience ??? Are your buddies fighting for you, have you recovered for weeks? Are you relaxing again after the first run? If you really are so hurt or not go home? Heal, but at home !!”

Comments like this can be found on the show’s community page.

Exatlon Hungary: Isa Ogvary spoke, and she stopped showingExatlon Hungary: Isa Ogvary spoke, and she stopped showing

Exatlon Hungary: Isa Ogvary spoke, and she stopped showing

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We can look at this question by continuing to believe in the anecdotes and the fact that Exatlon Hungary is not a theatrical run and saying that Iza either recovers and can survive, surrender, or bring him home; But we can also stand on the other side of the horse and think that if there are currently three girls united and two heroic girls, then the dice will unexpectedly turn again on Thursday and suddenly inexplicably the heroes will win the final match, that is, there will be a female duel this week and her withdrawal from The blue contestant.

In other words, the female and two Muttihad heroines will enter four fights.

Whatever happens to Iza, fate is in the hands of the doctors … more accurately, the editors. And they, of course, pull off the exatlonists used in bazaar monkeys like a group of dolls.

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