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Exatlon: No riders have yet to say goodbye (video)

Very touching and loving words came from the mouth of Jodi, who loves and admires Dorka very much.

Durka fought hard, and even though she was injured, she almost defeated Janka, but Finally became the last dropout of Exatlon Hungary All Star. Two people in particular will miss him and have been told the main reasons for this.

It was very difficult for Kata to say goodbye too, and when Lehel asked her, she would even miss the hysteria of Durka, just as she had always been by her side from the first moment. “He’s been my friend the whole time, and I hope he does.”

Kata and Durka laughed a lot together, and you’ll miss her a lot too, but they can’t help but relive those moments there. There is one person who will miss Dorka more than anyone, and that is his partner, Judy.

Since Edina Kolksar got a new partner, Choti has not given birth to a woman

He felt two things after the duel, one with pride and one with admiration, because what Dorca had put on the table was very exciting, regardless of whether she was injured. He struggled with sore feet and proved to people that he should never give up, Jodi said that’s exactly how Dorka works, she can always jump over obstacles, and that’s been the case so far, no matter how she says goodbye.

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