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Exclusive responses were received from the British Ministry of Defense about the plans in Hungary

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson spoke on the issue of Ukraine in the House of Commons on Tuesday, sending a harsh message to Russian leader Vladimir Putin in his resolution:

If Russia follows this path, the children of many Russian mothers will not return home

Johnson warned about the occupation of Ukraine and answered questions from fellow members.

Worker Luke Pollard of Plymouth, Sutton and Devonport asked the British Prime Minister what additional support Britain would give to NATO allies in the eastern flank, particularly by using British forces already stationed in those countries, to deter Russia from any future aggression after a possible invasion of Ukraine. .

In response to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Hungary was also mentioned:

The gentleman made an important remark. We are currently discussing what we can do to strengthen the eastern/southeastern flank of NATO. The French are watching Romania. There are questions about Hungary and what we can do there; As you know, the Hungarian minority in Ukraine is part of a complex problem. Everyone – especially Americans; He heard what you said about 8,500 soldiers going to Europe – he sees the need to move NATO forces now, to strengthen NATO’s eastern flank.

Regarding Boris Johnson’s parliamentary speech, we have sent the following questions to the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Ministry of Defense:

  • Are there any negotiations underway regarding the stationing of British or other NATO forces in Hungary?
  • If the above negotiations are taking place, with which countries specifically? Approximately how many of these soldiers can come to Hungary?

  • Are negotiations underway to establish permanent stations for foreign soldiers, or to install foreign weapons systems, such as the Patriot missile defense systems, in Hungary?

  • Approximately how many foreign soldiers are currently serving in Hungary in NATO?

  • Approximately how many British soldiers are currently serving in Hungary?

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We have received the following decision from the Hungarian Ministry of Defense in response:

Hungary is a loyal member of NATO, but it is in Hungary’s interest for a peaceful negotiated settlement of the issue of Ukraine-Russia conflicts. It is good for Hungary to have peace on the eastern border and not armed conflict. Therefore, we will always help resolve disputes through negotiations.

We have not received a response from the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Affairs, but Foreign Minister Petr Sijjarto responded at a press conference. CNN The news you posted. According to the Secretary of State, the request has already been received from the United States, but the information about the 1,000-strong NATO forces was described as incorrect.

Exclusive responses from the British Ministry of Defense

The following two questions were also referred to the relevant players in the British government:

  • Are there any negotiations underway regarding the stationing of British or other NATO forces in Hungary?
  • Approximately how many British soldiers are currently serving in Hungary?

The British Ministry of Defense sent the following response to questions regarding Hungary:

The Prime Minister said in the House of Commons on his first question (Are there any negotiations on the deployment of British or other NATO forces in Hungary?). Precision I must refer you again. In particular, “the British army leads a NATO combat group in Estonia, and if Russia attacks Ukraine, we want to contribute to any new NATO deployment to protect our European allies.” I’m afraid there are no more details I can share. As for your second question, there is currently no British soldier stationed in Hungary.

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American CNBC According to the United Kingdom, the United Kingdom is considering doubling its presence in the Nordic and Baltic region and sending defensive weapons to Estonia as part of a wide-ranging package of measures. British officials are expected to set out next week to finalize the proposed security package, which will include additional troops, combat aircraft and warships, the American newspaper reported.

The BBC According to the information, Prime Minister Boris Johnson will soon travel to Eastern Europe due to tensions between Russia and Ukraine, so it would not be surprising if he travels to Hungary as well.

Not by the way times It reported that British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace will visit Hungary, among other countries, next week.

British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss and Defense Minister Ben Wallace will travel to Moscow in the coming weeks to negotiate with the Russian side, and Boris Johnson will speak on the phone with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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