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Exercise helps you recover from the long-standing symptoms of Coronavirus

Researchers at the English National Institute for Health Research (NHR), University of Leicester, Leicester Hospital and Loughborough University published their study Friday on the case of 30 patients in a rehabilitation program who participated twice a week for six weeks. Rehabilitation sessions.

These sessions included aerobic exercises, walking or using a machine, arm and leg strengthening exercises, and health awareness talks to help with symptom management. The researchers found a statistically significant improvement. According to their FACIT measures, patients’ fatigue improved by 5 points in six weeks. Their general health and mental abilities improved as measured by standard clinical aptitude tests.

Patients who felt that their daily activities were affected by the physical and / or psychological symptoms of the long-standing Covid-19 virus were offered to participate in the rehabilitation program. Patients who developed severe symptoms were excluded, were not medically stable (eg, untreated for diabetes), or had symptoms – loss of smell and taste – that indicated they did not benefit from the respiratory rehabilitation program.

Participants were both female and male, with an average age of 58 years. 87 percent of them were treated in hospital for an average of 10 days. 14 percent of them were treated in the intensive care unit with a ventilator. Four have previously had breathing problems.

“The rehabilitation program used after Covid-19 showed an encouraging improvement in clinical outcomes. Nobody had to stop because their symptoms had worsened, and the high program completion rate indicated that patients considered it an appropriate treatment,” the research company said. Statement by Professor Sally Singh, Head of the Department of Vascular and Respiratory Rehabilitation at Leicester Hospital.

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“There were concerns that rehabilitation would exacerbate symptoms or the emergence of new symptoms, and that exercise would exacerbate fatigue. Our results did not show the latter, and symptoms improved in many participants. This assumed that part of the respiratory rehabilitation course used could It is a program through a comprehensive, patient-centered approach to treat the various manifestations of long-term symptoms of Covid.

The research team acknowledged that there was no control group with similar symptoms in the study to be able to compare the health status of the two groups and that more studies are needed with a larger number of participants to confirm the results.

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