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Experts warn: The British are threatening to relax the rest of the world

A virtual conference was held on Friday by epidemiologists and government advisers around the world who acknowledged that the lifting of British restrictions threatened the world. Speaking of the incident, 1,200 scientists had previously signed an open letter to the Lancet medical journal criticizing the British government’s easing on Monday.

The British government had earlier announced that most restrictions would be lifted from Monday, but Boris Johnson said the process would not change after previous postponements. According to the Prime Minister, the weather is getting colder and it is time to rest before the start of the school year.

At Friday’s event, Christina Begel, director of medical research at UCL in London, said there was a risk of a new variation appearing in the world early in the summer. According to him, no matter what mutation spreads in the UK, it spreads around the world as London is a global travel hub.

Not only is the UK putting itself at risk, but everyone is affected by what they do

Bagal pointed out.

Michael Baker, an adviser to the New Zealand government, said he was shocked by the British government’s move to “almost abandon herd immunity”. This has never happened before in the world, so this is a dangerous move.

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