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Experts warn: Ukraine’s grain shipments may be running out of time

The Panama-flagged Navy Star transports 33,000 tons of corn to Ireland, but it can only pass through the Bosphorus Strait after it has been thoroughly vetted by an international group of Ukrainian, Russian, Turkish and United Nations officials.

The Navy Star is one of three ships that left the Black Sea port of Odessa on Friday. The announcement of the Ministry of Defense in Ankara added that another ship, the Rogen, left for Great Britain carrying 13,000 tons of corn, and docked on Saturday near Istanbul, where another group of authorities will check its cargo on Sunday.

According to reports, the three ships transport a total of 57 thousand tons of corn.

Since the beginning of the Russian occupation of Ukraine on February 24, the first ship carrying grain left a Ukrainian port on Monday. After the inspection in Istanbul, Al-Razouni sailed on Wednesday to the Lebanese port of Tripoli.

These shipments are essential to stabilizing global grain prices and reducing hunger in Africa and the Middle East.

However, experts warn that it is difficult to transport millions of tons of grain stored in Ukrainian port warehouses in time before the autumn harvest and store grain.

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