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Explain what Apple’s Mac features are missing

For simple reasons, your latest laptops don’t offer a touch screen and Face ID.

Official information has been received from the Apple space at the address The Wall Street Journal Compliment, he managed to voice some of the company’s top executives in his testing of the new MacBook Pro. Although the new M1 Pro and M1 Max system chipset models good reception However, the press and the general public raised the question of why it was not available with a touch screen and Face ID, while such solutions became popular among Windows laptops, among other things, the publication explored these problems.

Apple MacBook Pro (2021)Source: Apple

The simple reason to leave the touch screen is that Apple sees no point in using it. The iPad is the world’s best computer for touch control, while the Mac products are specifically optimized for indirect handling and you don’t see any logical change in this situation, said John Ternus, vice president of hardware design for the company.

This is understandable, but the lack of Face ID is already a more interesting issue, as it can make logging into a user account easier and faster. Tom Boger, head of marketing for Mac and iPad products, answered that question, explaining that the Touch ID fingerprint reader on MacBooks is very comfortable, with the computer’s hand still around the keyboard.

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