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Explosions on Brexit: The Anglo-French naval battle begins

Relations between the United Kingdom and France have further deteriorated since the British authorities financial times. Under a trade agreement between the London government and the EU leadership in Brussels, EU fishermen can work in coastal waters within 6-12 nautical miles of the island’s coast, subject to certain conditions. The essence of the conditions is that European fishermen applying for a license must prove that they fish regularly in this area.

The French government received a total of 87 applications this year, but London only gave the opportunity to 12 fishermen doing their job with a vessel no longer than 12 meters in length. They may try to fish mainly in waters before Wales and England. According to the rules, applicants must prove that they have fished at least once within 6-12 nautical miles in the five years between 2012 and 2016. With the British government granting a license to only one in seven small boats, tensions between the two countries will increase dramatically. .

Annick Girardin, the French navy minister, condemned the British decision. He said the London government was another example of its unwillingness to implement the Brexit agreement. The aim was to delay the British leadership to implement the so-called Northern Ireland Protocol, which would arrange for customs controls and other controls to be implemented between Northern Ireland and Great Britain, which had a separate customs system. According to the minister, the hunting agreement should not be sacrificed on the altar of British domestic politics, by which the London government wants to establish its sovereignty.

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There is an explanation

France also expects the Channel Islands to issue fishing licenses. These are under the authority of the British Crown, but are not part of the United Kingdom, but are visible from the northern coast of France. 168 passes were issued for Jersey and 169 passes for Jersey. It is speculated that the two islands do not want licenses to be issued automatically, and are requesting more information about the ships.

The politically dangerous fishing issue escalated in May when French ships blockaded the Jersey town of Saint Helier after restricting their activities. The British government sent a warship to the scene, and a French minister threatened to cut off France’s electricity supply. Clement Bonn, the French Minister for Europe, recently spoke of his impatience with the behavior of the British partner.

The London government claims that 1,600 permits have been issued to fishing vessels to visit British waters, including the 12-200 nautical-mile exclusive economic zone. 105 licenses were granted to larger ships, 90 percent of which were French. For small boats, 47 of the 87 applicants met the criteria on paper, but the Brits said 35 could not prove what they claimed.