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F1: Bass, man, why did we drop our rankings? – Hamilton

Defending champion and seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton, a British Mercedes driver, explained his anger Turkish Grand Prix Formula 1 on Sunday TV viewers can hear the team radio recording in their hair.


Hamilton (Photo: AFP)

The 36-year-old star started the 58-lap race only from 11th place due to an engine change, but caught up well on a track that slowly dried up in rainy weather. Hamilton was third when he got close to his hair, and his team told him to get out of the pits to change the wheel. On the other hand, the rider felt he could finish the fight with the tires he started with. Eight laps before the knockout, Mercedes convinced the defending champions that it would be better to change a wheel in his car, as Hamilton lost third and finished fifth.

“Pass, man, why did we drop our ranking? I told you we shouldn’t have gone in.” shouted angrily into the team radio hamilton, who is now six points behind Max Verstappen (Red Bull), who finished second in the world championship points race in Turkey.

“Never expect anyone to always be calm and polite on the team radio when I’m racing” And the British star wrote on social media on Monday, explaining that they are all passionate about the sport, and in the midst of this moment, this kind of passion emanates from all the competitors.

“My heart and soul are in the field at times like these, and this fire raging within me has taken me to the heights where I am now. Hamilton, who set a record for his eighth World Cup title, reassured his fans. “We’ve already discussed everything with the team and we’ll just focus on the next race at the weekend.”

The world champion at Mercedes admitted that he took a risk by not wanting to replace his worn tires, but after that idea did not materialize, the “safer” decision was made by driving in pits and changing a wheel in his car.

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The World Cup will continue in two weeks with the United States Grand Prix in Austin, Texas.