Although sentiment has slowed significantly, the scandal surrounding last year’s finals in Abu Dhabi is far from over, which also affected the outcome of the World Cup. Lewis Hamilton has been silent for a month and a half, and Mercedes expressed in louder comments how much he disagreed with the way race director Michael Massey set out to restart the safety car at the end of the season.

in December A new president has been elected At the helm of the FIA: Jean Todt, whom Ferrari spoke to repeatedly, was replaced by Mohamed Ben Slee, who ordered a thorough investigation into what happened in Abu Dhabi shortly after his appointment.

However, the results of this will have to wait until mid-March, but since this weekend’s Formula 1 season has already started, some decisions will have to be made sooner, for example about Massey. Peter Baer, ​​the newly appointed sporting secretary to the supervisory board, told the BBC he could even elect a new Formula One race director.

F1: It has been expressly stated that they may replace Course Clerk 2

Need an episode about Michael Massey?

“Michael has done a great job in so many ways, and we told him so,” Bayer told the BBC. Examined. “It is possible, however, that we will have a new race director. We will examine the division of responsibilities between the competition director, as he is the sporting director and the safety and track delegate. It’s just a lot.”

“We’re going to share all of that with more people, which reduces the burden on the race director,” he said.

As we mentioned yesterday, an extraordinary meeting of the FIA ​​World Motorsport Council has been held next week, where, in addition to the fate of the race director, many sporting and technical issues will be on the agenda. According to the BBC, it is unlikely that Michael Massey will survive.

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