According to Italian reports, Ferrari may have caused a performance lag at the front of the engine, so in 2022 Maranellos could become a competitor to Mercedes and Red Bull. According to the Italian version of, the 20-horsepower reduction has already been compensated for in the new E10 fuel.

Ferrari’s futuristic engine, thanks to Shell’s efforts, has surpassed performance figures for 2021, which may be of paramount importance before development is frozen, but neither Mercedes nor Honda, which take over Honda engines, are expected to be at idle, as neither a well-performing automatic driver .and no reliability.

Team principal Mattia Binotto told, among others, that there is a lot of work going on in the background at the team headquarters. “Looking back last year, in terms of the engine, we were in a very difficult situation, which became very evident in the straights,” he began his thoughts. “We have come a long way compared to that. We are still at a disadvantage compared to the best, but the gap is steadily narrowing and I am confident we will continue to improve in 2022.”

Binotto also noted that in light of the upcoming changes, great emphasis has been placed not only on design but also on innovation.