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F1: Perez not feeling well, shrugging his shoulders on the timer

Sergio Perez, the Mexican Formula 1 driver at Red Bull, shared that a strange pain in the shoulder held him back in the Spanish Grand Prix.

Perez hopes to return on Sunday (Photo: AFP)


Sergio Perez At Imola, he was even able to qualify against teammate Max Verstappen, and he wasn’t too far away in Portugal either, but while the Dutchman was now fighting Mercedes for first place, he could only win eighth place, a major drawback. In addition, the Mexican passed the gravel in the third stage of the timer, so he was only able to run one lap in the final stage. After qualifying, he shared, he wasn’t exactly doing well, but he is confident he will recover by Sunday.

“I suffered a little, I didn’t feel a hundred percent. I had some problems with my shoulder and it simply felt bad for the entire timer. I spoke to the team, they take a look at everything, and by tomorrow everything will be 100 percent again. Things have got worse and worse. “During the qualifiers, I have suffered more and more. But I am sure that we will return to normal on Sunday.” It is to explain.

“It was a bad day, I couldn’t put any rolls. In the first quarter, I was still fine, after that However I couldn’t get better at all. I wasn’t one hundred percent, so it was really hard to get out everything From the car. We’ve seen it all start coming together before, especially the pacing on the long stage was good, but we still had work to do on the performance. I just want to get to know the car better, that will be the key. ” he added.

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Red Bulls advisor, Helmut Marco He also explained in more detail the cause of the problem in Perez and confirmed that there was a problem in preparing the session in Mexico.