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Fadi’s club president fully agrees with UEFA’s sanction, sector closure

Gabor Kubatov, the head of the FTC, is absolutely right with UEFA, which fined the club on Friday and shut down the sector due to crowd disturbances during the Champions League qualifier that successfully fought against Slovan Bratislava.

“I am very disappointed and very angry at the moment. I give UEFA the utmost truth, and I do not even dispute the legality of the decision. For more than ten years, since my election as president, we have been fighting all forms of exclusion in individual. Gabor Kubatov told Orego: “ We are constantly fighting, not only with words, but also with actions.”

According to the European Football Association (UEFA) logic, the Hungarian champions must pay a total of 79,000 euros (about 31.1 million HUF), of which

  • 15,000 racist expressions
  • 50,000 due to the use of pyrotechnic devices, throwing various objects in the field, physical damage, and provocative rhymes
  • Closing public lanes cost 14,000 euros.

As part of the penalty, Ferencvaros must shut down a sector capable of holding at least 1,000 people in Stand B for the next domestic international match, and must put up a flag against racism there.

On Wednesday, Al-Akhdar and Al-Beidh tied 1-1 with the Azerbaijani guest Al-Qarabakh, and the return match will be held on Tuesday at Groupama Arena. The exclusion affects those who have purchased a ticket for the B1 sector, but do not have a valid season pass for the tournament. The club’s president said affected fans are being offered to automatically rebook their tickets for the next domestic international match.

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“Thousands of people cheering for the team will miss the stands because of other people, I’m very sorry for that too. If we had to close a sector because elimination rhymes are heard in the stands, we’d do it that way. I thought even our most die-hard fans would have learned how to behave in a singles match, But there are still people who forget that we are in one person.Kubatov said those who sang exclusionary rhymes should be ashamed of themselves.

The boss expects all fans to learn from the incident and that similar incidents won’t happen again, i.e. they will really succeed in banishing the Elimination Rhymes for good.