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Fake news spreads faster than the Coronavirus epidemic

Pecs was among the first to join the World Health Organization (WHO) Healthy Cities program, and since then 1,500 European cities have become members of the network.

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Pécs was one of the first companies in Europe to have the opportunity to join the WHO program. What exactly does the Healthy Cities program deal with?

According to surveys, up to twenty percent of the responsibility for whether or not someone is sick is the responsibility of the health sector. Whether you like it or not, their primary task is to heal and cure diseases. This sector is called healthcare in Hungary, although healthcare is a good name. For example, if I call my GP saying I’m in good health, that I can stay that way, and there will be a good chance of laughing and even anger, why would I keep up with this when patients wait for it outside. The program is designed to speak not only with health actors, but more broadly, about how to maintain health. One of our most important principles is to include the issue of health in the thinking of the municipality’s decision-makers. The current epidemic has shown that the people at greatest risk are those who suffer from some form of chronic disease, such as being overweight or obese. That is to say, let’s deal a lot more with not having a lot of chronic patients or just having a lot of people who are overweight.

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What is their relationship with the World Health Organization?

– The national network has become an association, which now extends beyond the current borders within the framework of the association, and the center of the national network is Pécs, and the World Health Organization is in direct contact with us, and we try to convey their messages to our site as individuals.

To what extent do the municipalities receive, how long will their voice last?

“I have worked in the program for more than thirty years, so I can see from the start what has happened in this area. Gradually, and not just thanks to us, more and more people will probably accept that maintaining and promoting health is a social issue and not just a health mission. Since the launch of the program. The primary objective has always been to address these issues as a priority settlement policy issue for decision-makers.

“A lot of people see the WHO as a black horse they’ve heard about, but they don’t know much about it.

– WHO, translated into Hungarian, would be the WHO, so it is not the WHO (as we currently use it). That is, it deals with health problems, not health care. The United Nations is a specialized intergovernmental organization, like UNICEF. The WHO Healthy Cities program has uniquely contacted cities rather than governments. Professional support for the participants is provided on an ongoing basis by the World Health Organization, plans are jointly developed, and tasks are set for five-year sessions. A seventh. The priorities of the five-year cycle include, for example, equal opportunity, sustainable development, and healthy aging.

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How much did the epidemic rewrite the script?

– Completely. People are isolated from each other, and our partners can often only stay in contact with each other via the Internet, which is very different from face-to-face meetings, and no programs can be organized.

How do you see the health promotion vibrations from within, how do you see the prospects for humanity?

“I think if seventy to eighty percent of the population is vaccinated, our chances are good.” I also trust scientists that there will also be an effective drug against the disease if unvaccinated people contract the virus. I’m optimistic, I hope life returns to the old wheelhouse in the summer.

In Hungary, there was no previous resistance to vaccinations against diseases and infections. Why do you think some people are upset about the Coronavirus vaccine?

“In the past, fake news did not reach as many people as it does today, and there weren’t even tools to deceive people, like social media, where fake information spreads at lightning speed. Not to mention those trying to create political capital by disinformation. Unfortunately, the speed of spreading fake news today is extremely brutal, and it spreads faster than a virus.

What is the vaccination week?
– raising awareness. Every year, millions of people are saved by vaccinations that protect them from various dangerous diseases. As at a time of the current pandemic, experts assert that even the worst side effects are less dangerous than coronavirus disease. Only vaccination protects, and we simply have nothing else right now. This is what is about to happen this week around the world, and what is especially important now, at the time of the outbreak.

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