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False – Ratings manipulate Facebook users euronews

It is all too easy to manipulate business listings on Facebook with false ratings, a British consumer organization said.

Which? as checked Many companies give false opinions about companies on an industrial scale so that they can better present themselves in color on the Internet.

The investigation was carried out by creating a fake art company called Patricia Paintings on Google and Facebook. They searched for many websites selling reviews, and most of them give false ratings.

Nina Bhatti, which one? His campaign manager told Euronews that they had set up a fake company on Facebook and then pushed several rating sites to provide false opinions that could be posted on the company’s website. In just a few weeks, they managed to get 96 referrals and 500 likes for just £6. They have received 10 five-star rating packages.

Almost all of the profiles that got the wrong ratings were from Bangladesh, and many of them use stock photos and photos taken from agencies.

“It is up to consumers to do all the research on the quality of a product or service. We think this is not true. Platforms have to do this work because they pass this information on to consumers. Therefore, we believe there is a strong legal code in place,” says Nina Bhatti.

Which? He surveyed 2,000 people in the UK. 39 percent of respondents said they use websites or apps to search for local businesses. Facebook was used by most respondents, almost half (47%).

A former Facebook employee testified before the US Senate Subcommittee on Consumer Protection on Tuesday. Frances Hogan said that Facebook is about profit, not users’ interests.

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