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Fans ask SEGA to postpone Sonic Frontiers

VGC correctly summed up why Sonic fans are asking the Japanese company to delay the latest 3D Sonic release.

For a while, #DelaySonicFrontiers became a popular (popular) hashtag on Twitter, used by fans of the franchise to express their frustration over seeing their first in-game videos. At the time of writing VGC, IGN’s in-game premiere had 50,000 likes as well as 72,000 likes (a browser extension required, as Google hides this statistic by default), and the fight rate is somewhat better at 19,000 versus 35,000 likes the hate was.

Much of the criticism was on the poor animation, the inanimate open world, and Sonic’s lack of momentum. (These criticisms can be applied to the Nintendo Wii U anyway, and Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric, which posted a huge fall right there…) Suspension According to Sonic Frontiers, the open world appears to be automated, which is odd because a lot of the speed-boosting panels are placed in front of the springs, for example. else interaction He says he’s afraid of the game because he’s been excited about the game for five years and isn’t happy, but feels like he’s seen it elsewhere, and if that’s what Sonic’s future will be in the next ten years, fans of the franchise will also be in big trouble.

transportation car, which explicitly demands from SEGA that Sonic Frontiers have a demo in addition to the postponement. Place a questionnaire next to the demo so that the Japanese publisher can measure reviews. Meanwhile, Sven Josklin, founder of the fan side of Sonic Stadium, who is also IGN’s international publishing director, sees no opportunity for the game. delaybecause he sees the main problem in the core concept and approach to gameplay, so eavesdropping and expanding the content won’t help with procrastination.

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He added that Sonic Frontiers is a very realistic combat-centric, movie-based game that relies on gameplay based on Sonic’s athletics rather than physics and momentum. Although he accepts if that was the goal, he didn’t hope for it and would rate it if it showed up. If it’s sophisticated for the winter, it might be fun for the masses, but the postponement isn’t considered necessary. It must be accepted that the Sonic team has its own goals.

This will make it difficult for the game, which is still months away, to get up.

source: VGC