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Farewell from the European Championships, our women’s team couldn’t stand the Chinese port

Our women’s team 3:2 went out in a big fight from Portugal, in which there were two local Chinese players, so they did not reach the quarter-finals of the European Championships in Cluj-Napoca.

Dóra Madarász brought in one of the two matches, but that wasn’t enough to win now (Photo: ETTU)


And it was already decided on the morning program that our men’s team, losing 3: 1 to the Italians, finished the European Championships in Cluj-Napoca unbeaten, while the women played the quarter-finals at noon. The challenger was Portugal, which had a real connection to us, as happened in January last year Zoltan Batorvi The Portuguese Fed captain’s team was defeated 3:1 in front of their home fans in what was a crucial Olympic qualifying match, earning them the Tokyo share. Then he stood against three local Chinese, and now “only” two of them came to the table, which did not change the fact that the odds (also) were now in favor of the Portuguese.

Zoltán Bátorfi wants to include new young players in the national team for this Olympic cycle, with this in mind Puta Georgina And Dóra Madarász vs Wednesday vs Croats emre nights, Thursday against the Portuguese Mercedes in Oradea Throw it into deep water.

Póta won the silver medal at the 2016 European Championships in Budapest Fu Yuval He started, and although he tried many things, he could not find an antidote to the classic game of Chinese origins played with feathers. The Portuguese could rightly fear Bird, who brought both sides to the Gondomar Olympics qualifiers, and now Shaw Ginneville It also proved that it was no coincidence, and that Oradea had no problem defeating the opponent’s only Portuguese player.

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So we had a lead on Madarász – Cheerleader Fu Yu, which leads us to 2:1, giving the Hungarian player remarkable confidence: he could pull the first set, but it still slipped his hands, but the next two games with the teacher’s game. At that time, our group was one set of victory, but as it turned out, this “distance” was now insurmountable: Fu Yu met himself and reversed against Bird, and since botha could not stand Shao Jinyi, he finished The Portuguese hit a successful 3:2. – They reached the top eight, and the Hungarian team said goodbye to the continental championship in second place.

“We played an excellent game, a little bit now the Portuguese were the best – Evaluation Zoltan Batorvi Federal captain. – Birdman played great, victory over Shao Jenny was a good result, Oradea put in a convincing third-place performance and Botta did what he could. All in all, I think we are not shy, this Portuguese team can qualify for the European Championship for a long time.”

European Championships, Cluj-Napoca
women. NS
Portugal – Hungary 3: 2

Fu Yu Puta Georgina 3: 0 (8, 4, 8)
Shao Jenny – Dora Madaras 2:3 (–12, 7, -10, 4, -10)
Matos – Mercedes Oradea 0:3 (–6, -9, -4)
Fu Yu – Madarász 3:2 (11, -3, -9, 6, 5)
Shao Jini Puta 3: 0 (6, 9, 7)
The final result:
1. Portugal 4 points, 2. Hungary 3, 3. Croatia 2