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Farrow the Great: It’s like a stupid domination of Europe

According to the award-winning singer Kossuth, Hungarians are still anti-regime: they are opposed to liberal ideas.

Nagy Ferro at the IpolyFeszt press conference He told his crew that Hungarians couldn’t love the twentieth century. Then to the question which And what about the twenty-first century? The Kossuth Award-winning singer responded to this “The past 12 years are very different from previous decades. There is finally someone dealing with the spiritual life of Hungarians.”

“I’m still against the system, only against the liberal order”

Then he added:

“It is often said that I have always been anti-system. It is true. I’m still against the system, only against a very liberal order that is taking the whole continent in incomprehensible directions. It’s like the stupid people who run Europe.

Fortunately, we have a government and we have Viktor Orban who can control that in some way.

I think it’s a terrible torment to do, but he’s been doing pretty well so far.” Farrow the Great took over.

The singer-songwriter also spoke in a sneak peek that his example isn’t the only model “The people of Hungary are still anti-system: they just act in the same way against liberal regimes that always do something or want to re-educate. And they don’t ask for it.” pointed out.

“Maybe we can rein in the system that wants to teach us.”

Elder Farrow finally defied it “It is very difficult to show people the way today, so we have to do things honestly and honestly, as we have done so far. And so we are the ‘followers’ of this system. And from that,

Maybe we can curb a system that wants to turn us into something we don’t want at all.”

The singer confirmed.

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Vero Nagy’s interview with can be found below:

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