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Fateful Monday: it is still unknown who will be the new Italian president, Salvini does not want Draghi to resign as prime minister

Matteo Salvini said:

It would now be dangerous to remove Draghi from the government in the current economic crisis.

He explained that forming a new government could paralyze the country for days. He said that the right does not want to change the prime minister while energy prices continue to rise with inflation. He confirmed the right-wing decision led by the government since February last year Mario Draghi is not considered a “automated” head of state, especially if his exit from the government palace leads to a possible internal political crisis.

Matteo Salvini said the center-right and right-wing parties in parliament are considering another joint candidate and want a quick presidential election. He has not yet revealed the names of the potential candidates, but he said the right-wing coalition led by the League has recognized “more” candidates in Italy and internationally. He added: It all depends on whether the left is ready to cooperate or “veto any right-wing proposal.” Salvini reminded that opinion polls and recent by-election results show that the right has a majority in the country, so it is up to the right to nominate a presidential candidate.

Our own analysis of the uncertain outcome of the Italian election:

Matteo Salvini in front of Silvio Berlusconi in immigration in Italy! His boss called for the government led by Mario Draghi to remain in place until the end of the current legislation, in the spring of 2023, to continue the financial and economic reform programs caused by the pandemic. The election of Draghi, the former prime minister of the European Central Bank (ECB), as head of state, was not supported by the Five Star Movement (M5S), which was holding early elections, and by the Italian Brothers (FdI), who are calling for elections as soon as possible .

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Analysts say Mario Draghi is still the favorite to run in the 13th presidential election of the Italian Republic.

Draghi’s candidacy is currently only openly supported by the centrist wing of the Democratic Party (PD), while left-wing groups in the party share the general opinion that it is easier to find another presidential candidate than another prime minister to replace Mario Draghi.

Reconciliation between the two parties continues until the beginning of the elections and even continues during the voting. According to the rules for the election of the head of state, it will start this Monday afternoon There is no need to nominate candidates in advance: If the parties do not name their official candidates, it becomes clear during the vote who can get the majority. The Five Star Movement indicated on Sunday that its candidates included historian Andrea Riccardi, former president of the Society of the Sacred One, but Matteo Renzi, leader of Living Italia (IV), and Matteo Salvini immediately opposed Ricciardi, whose chances were unclear.

The Democratic Party has already indicated that In the first rounds of voting, which require a two-thirds majority, party members may vote by white ballot until the fourth round, when an absolute majority is sufficient. Likewise, the League is preparing to vote with a blank ballot paper in the first round of voting.

Cover image source: Samantha Zucchi/Insidefoto/Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images