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Female hand: I already have a successor to Danny, the Slovenian coach in Siofok

FC Balaton Shore has officially reported that Urus Pregar, the federal captain of the Serbian women’s national team, former coach of the Slovenian national teams and Kerim Ljubljana, will replace Gabor Dani as head coach of the Siófok women’s handball team. website.

Urus Pregar is the federal captain of the Serbian women’s national team (Photo:


The 42-year-old Slovenian coach is signed to Siófok until the summer of 2023, but she is also the federal captain of the Serbian women’s national team preparing for the World Cup in December, so she currently holds two positions simultaneously.

“We know his man is doing well, the relationship between him and the club has been around for a long time. However, it is now available and we have agreed relatively quickly on a joint continuation – Siófok . official website quotes Janus Fodor Executive Director. – He is a very energetic coach and, despite his young age, has the national team and serious experience at club level. He introduced himself today (Monday) and did his first exercise.”

“My potential role in Siófok was not discussed for the first time, contact was made years ago – Support Janos Fodor’s words Eros Brigare. I have been following the development of handball at Siófok for a long time, a well-organized club with great opportunities and great infrastructure. As a coach, I believe in hard work and see every opportunity available here. I worked in Hungary before, and I learned a lot from that period.”

Brigar has been leading the Slovenian women’s team for nearly six years since 2015, having participated in three European Championships and one World Championship. He turned this spring, becoming the federal commander of the Serbian National Group. At club level, he has won five championship titles with Karim Ljubljana in the past five seasons, from which he departed in October of this year. For a short period, from the summer of 2015 to January 2016, he was also the coach of the Vác team, but after 14 matches, his work was terminated by mutual agreement.

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Urus Pregar A Gabor Danny, coach Zdravko Zovko He is already in charge of the Balaton Beach Guard in the cup match against Alba Vervar on the small bench at Siofok.