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Female hand: Zsuzsanna Tomori continues in Vipers – official

The Norwegian handball team Vpers Kristiansand has announced the signing of Zsuzsanna Tomori on their official website.

Zsuzsanna Tomori has been certified overseas (Photo: Hédi Tumbász)


The contract of the 34-year-old national team bowlers in Siófok expired at the end of the previous season, so he signed Champions League holders Vipers as a freely verifiable player. Tomori signed an additional one-year contract with the Norwegian club.

Introduction to Gyor?
Regarding the possibility of introducing a shooter who has signed an additional one-year contract, the player manager, who will facilitate the new contract and change the club immediately, Attila visit me He told our magazine there is a chance that Tomori, who previously pulled two years in two batches in ETO colors, playing for his new team on Saturday, on the pitch BL starts against Győr, because all the necessary playing licenses can arrive by then.

A month ago, in an interview with our newspaper after the Tokyo Olympics, he said that he did not extend his expired contract with Siófok and also talked about how he feels good after the five ring matches and can still play at a high level for a year or two. That was just a question, fact: For the first time in his career, he was a member of the Legion. How did the reigning European champions, Norwegian Vipers, reach Kristiansand?
After the Olympics, I realized to myself that I might not be as excited and wanted to play handball as much as I do now. I still have a good year or two left, so after considering the five episode games, I was thinking about the best option for me. I am very, very happy that I was finally able to prove Norway,” Zsuzsanna Tomori, who has officially continued his career since Tuesday in the Scandinavian team that has won the last four Norwegian league titles. “I trained with the team for the first time on Monday and it was unbelievably good. There are some familiar faces like Nora Mork, Neria Pena, Catherine Lundy or Isabel Goldin, who we haven’t played with yet, but we’ve played against each other so many times. It’s very easy for me to join Vipers.There are a lot of new players outside of me so I haven’t missed anything so far.

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What do you expect from your new club and what do you expect from yourself?
It’s been proven and my goal is also to be able to play a quick match from a strong and strong defence, and I have to help with that. I have been very happy and excited for a long time, and I am very happy to try myself outside, it feels good. I really liked the Norwegian line and mentality in Gyr, when I played there, I also had my fellow Norwegians at ETO – I came to the best place.

Opinion – Ole Gustav GJEKSTAD, Vipers coach
“Zsuzsanna Tomori is above all a player with whom our defense is strengthened. He has gained a lot of experience during his career so far in top clubs like Győr or FTC, which can be useful to us in a long season.”

So could coach Ole Gustaf Gekstad play a key role in defence?
I expect to get a major role in defence, they expect me to perform strongly in the triple. We have very good attacking players, so I will have a mission before our goal.

We are in full swing in the new season, the Snakes have already overtaken two champions. How nervous did you feel about your future as you spent a month?
It’s interesting because I told my mom and brother earlier that I was calm about this. I definitely wanted to continue handball in the team that started the Champions League and I was with him, if it does not work out now, even before the beginning of September, and then later, at the end of October, because by that time it may be over. That one club is still missing. Maybe a player. So I wasn’t too worried about that and in the end everything got lucky.

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What goals and expectations did Kristiansand make for him this season?
Starting with the Norwegians, they like to give their best in all training and matches, which is going to be a great thing for me in the coming months as well. Here, not the pressure of one player every day, but an open atmosphere and communication, but in the meantime, of course, everyone strives for the best. The pressure is not the same at home, which is new to me, but I think it will make me more.