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Ferenc Andras and Gabor Revicky also became artists of the nation

This year, six artists won the National Artist Award, Hungary’s highest artistic recognition, which the winners managed with last year’s winners on Friday in Budapest, at Pesti Vigadó.

The National Artist Award Committee in 2021 Janos Aknai awarded the prize to the painter, Ferenc Andras, director of the film, graphic artist Dora Maurer, actor Gabor Revicky, conductor Ferenc Sapson, composer and singer Maria Zadori.
Miklos Kasler, Minister of Human Resources, emphasized at the award ceremony: that Hungarian culture is nourished by several roots and this gives it its diversity and strength. Different cultures interacted, creating a new quality, a spot of color not found anywhere else. The Minister praised the winners, “You are the representatives of this culture, who have become idols and role models in their value-creating activities.”

György Vashige, President of the Hungarian Academy of Arts, noted that the title of Artist of the Nation was established by the Academy eight years ago on the initiative of the National Assembly in order to provide outstanding appreciation and decent living conditions for Hungarian artists.

The award can be awarded in 11 artistic categories. Among the artists this year, artist Janos Aknayi was recognized for his outstanding artistic activism and artistic organization for decades, and graphic artist Dóra Maurer for her creative career.

In the category of Cinematography, Ferenc Andras became an Artist of the Nation in recognition of his distinguished creative career.

Actor Gábor Reviczky has received the award for his classic theatrical and film roles in Hungarian and world literature with great craftsmanship and profound artistic expertise, as well as for his memorable and original portrayal in film roles.

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There are also two winners in the Music category this year: conductor Ferenc Sabzon, composer for his outstanding, coherent and refined artistic career in music and choral art, Maria Zadori for her outstanding artistic performance, and Renaissance and Baroque artist of the nation for his introduction.

As György Vashegyi said, the nation’s artists can number up to 70 at a time, and the award is presented every year in memory of the establishment of the Hungarian Academy of Arts’ public body.

It was not possible to hold the awards ceremony last year due to the pandemic situation, so last year’s winners also received recognition at the Friday event: Irvin Nagy, Architect, Istvan Darday, Film Director, Istvan Hildebrand, Cinematographer, Zsouza Perelli, Artist Weaver, pottery worker, restorer, Bereményi, writer Károly Szakonyi, sculptor dám Farkas, painter Péter Földi, blue painter Miklós Kovács and pianist Dezs Ránki. The widow was awarded the composer Joseph Sobroni, who died in April of this year.