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Feri Rákóczi does not want to be such a father

Ferry Rakutzi The Sunday Branch Index In his interview, he spoke about himself, his family, his children, his hospitality, his comrades in arms, Palazziq, and much more.

a With Balázs Sebestyén and Jani Vadon He says he’s been together for 12 years now “Our trio does so well because we’re not together outside of the broadcast. We don’t have shared experiences, everyone lives their lives, so you can have triple the experience the next morning on the show.” The show talks about his choice as Dad of the Year in 2019, but doesn’t understand why and how, and it talks about his relationship with his father, who has exhausted his love of financial care.

Rákóczi says his father passed away early and passed away the fact that the family of four never took a vacation, but he makes up for it at home. “Besides his love, he was able to show me what kind of father I didn’t want to be.”

Presenter Balázsék said that to this day he tells his children at bedtime, although he is currently telling Greek myths, but if he tells a story, he gives different characters to each character.

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