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Ferrari has the fastest car

Now that the testing in Barcelona is over, Fernando Alonso has named a Formula 1 stable that he believes could be the first in the strong standings. The two-time Spanish world champion’s choice fell on one of his former teams, Ferrari.

Unseen curiosity and question marks surround the upcoming 2022 season of the racing circus due to entirely new rules. The shape of the cars known to date has changed dramatically, which makes it easy to rank the power among the ten teams. For the first time this week, the pilots were able to learn more about their design at Circuit de Catalunya, where the first season of winter testing took place.

It would not be a wise decision to create a strong system between the two teams based on the results of the time there. However, it seems clear that Ferrari, with its radical solutions, is doing well and that their car also appears reliable because they made the most laps in the three days of testing, 439 in number. This also fell on the eyes of Alonso. who ended the workout early Friday morning due to a hydraulic malfunction.

“At the moment Ferrari seems to be the fastest car, which is a big surprise.” classified Spanish bullfighter after Barcelona test. “This is good news for Spain and Carlos Sainz.”

Of course, the alpine rider didn’t forget to mention Mercedes either, like the riders at Brackley’s stable Lewis Hamilton, George Russell took a big hit on the last day of testing and won the day with the quickest two results.

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