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Ferrari’s new CEO

After Louis C. Camillieri resigned in December for personal reasons, John Elkann, Chairman of Stellantis and Ferrari, took over as CEO on a temporary basis.

However, after the 2021 Azerbaijani Grand Prix, a Ferrari They announced that they had found their new CEO: Benedetto Vigna, director of STMicroelectronics, who will be in charge of Italian Poppy from September 1.

So far, Vigna has worked not in the automotive sector but in the microelectronics sector: he founded one of ST’s most successful divisions, the Micro Mechanical Division (MEMS), which he also led until his appointment to Ferraris.

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“It is a great honor to be the CEO of Ferrari, which I look forward to with enthusiasm but with responsibility. I am excited that there are still great opportunities for us to capitalize on.”

After her appointment, Vigna wrote: “Nevertheless, I have primary responsibility for the incredible skills of the men and women who work for Ferrari, the brand’s shareholders, and everyone who thinks of Ferrari with passion.”

Ferrari’s Formula 1 team has just completed its internal organizational transformation ahead of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix: Mattia Binotto gave up her place on the podium on Boxing Street, to hand his seat to 26-year-old strategist Raven Jain. At the races that Binotto will not travel to, sporting director Laurent Mickes will be the team’s vice president.

It can’t be said that Elkann and Binotto’s relationship has been cloudless in the recent past: after the failures of 2020, Binotto also said he knows he can’t lead the team that way until the end of time, and Elkann has repeatedly said he’s winning, expecting third place in the constructors’ championship from the team this year.

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