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Fictional world or nightmare? Hundreds of dwarves live in the man’s garden

Dave Robinson Not a regular man: a resident of Cornwall He is a fan of garden dwarves – so much so that his home is surrounded by 240 different items. However, Robinson originally wanted to purchase just one decoration for his crowded garden at the time. However, when he began to descend, he was no longer able to stop.

Robinson’s passion was first reported in a British magazine show, but since then, the “geek dwarf” man has attracted more and more attention. Although many have criticized the park for its male dwarves, statistics show this Coronavirus restrictions have led to a 20 percent increase in sales of garden dwarves in the United Kingdom. However, Robinson wrote he did not fall in love with the ceramic figures while in quarantine daily Mail.

Illustration (Pixabay)

It all started five years ago. Second. Queen Elizabeth During her anniversary celebration. he is my father Asda He saw a huge elf in the garden like a queen in a store, which he found very cute, so he told me that, ‚ÄĚRobinson remembers, but at the time he still thought they didn’t need the statue, their garden was still quiet and crowded, another decoration that would have made the situation worst.

However, the idea stuck in Robinson’s mind, and after a few days of thinking, he thought one dwarf in the garden would be helpful, but maybe two or three would still be appropriate. On the other hand, the store had already sold Dwarf Queen, so the man took his turn across the Corniche stores until he finally found the little statue. On the way home, however, it’s not just me. A dwarf version of Elizabeth seated in his car, but also a knight, a female dwarf, and some baby dwarves. A few days later, a porcelain dog came, a cat, a grandfather, and a grandmother, and the streak had not ended since then.

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The man also revealed that although he loves his dwarves, caring for them is a complete nightmare. Cornwall has many hours of sunshine, so the sculptures need to be polished and repainted regularly, which means at least five hours of work at a time. Furthermore Robinson’s partner does not like dwarves, so the man is forced to practice his hobby alone. However, at times like these, he was joking that he would soon be looking for a bigger home with enough room to dwarf his garden – and even to buy new homes.

According to his records, the longest distance the dwarf had traveled was 1,100 km back and forth and he was able to cram 20 dwarves in his car at one time. Thankfully, no police officer confirmed it until he got home with his new compositions.