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Fides voted against a European Parliament resolution calling for action against Russian and Chinese state propaganda

The European Parliament Liaison Office in Hungary said that EU citizenship is not a commodity, and therefore the European Parliament will regulate at EU level infractions related to citizenship programs and the establishment of investors. No Hungarian representative spoke in the discussion.

It was decided that “golden passports” are morally, legally and economically unacceptable and constitute a serious security risk, so the issuance of “golden visas” should be coordinated in member states to prevent money laundering, corruption and the use of “gold”. Visas” In the European Union, a tax should be imposed.

In a private initiative legislative report, MEPs called on the European Commission to submit a legislative proposal before the end of its term, before 2024. The Monday in plenary Commitments made by the European Commission, France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States To restrict “golden passports” issued to wealthy pro-government Russian citizens. The report was adopted by 595 votes to 12, with 74 abstentions.

The At least 130,000 people benefited from citizenship and founding investor programs between 2011 and 2019, which generated a total revenue of over €21.8 billion for the countries involved. Investor citizenship programs currently operate in Malta, Bulgaria and Cyprus. Twelve member states operate investor settlement programs, but investment amounts and options vary from country to country.

Istvan Augeli, MEP from MSZP I mentioned itThat: “Fidesz did not press any button very boldly (because she did not dare to press yes or no) in the case of golden visas. So there was no support to review the possibility of resettlement of Russians with background.”

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Illustration by John Thys / AFP

EP company about that toothat since authoritarian regimes such as Russia and China manipulate information with the malicious intent to undermine EU democracy and that European citizens and governments are not sufficiently aware of the real dangers of foreign interference, the EU must punish foreign interference and misinformation; Or operating organizations or media can withdraw accreditation from foreign government advertising organizations.

Stephen Augelli WroteThat the people of Fides no longer only abstain here, but vote against the motion. Only Anna Donath of the moment and Marton Gyeongyosi of Jobbik spoke in the discussion.