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FIFA appointed the referees, Istvan Kovacs is the name too

The International Football Association Board (FIFA) has set the arbitration framework for this year’s World Cup in Qatar. István Kovács, a Hungarian ruler born in Nagykároly, is also included in the list of 36 – writes FIFA website.

Istvan Kovacs gets another prestigious position (Photo: AFP)

“As always, the standards we use are quality first, with the judges selected representing the highest standards in the world.”
He said Pierluigi Colina, Chairman of the FIFA Jury on the organization’s website.

FIFA said on its website on Thursday that it had selected 36 referees, 69 assistants and 24 judges for the framework. Among the six referees, France’s Stephanie Frappart, Rwanda’s Salema Mukansanga and Japan’s Jamasita Gusimi, while Brazil’s Noosa Pak, Mexico’s Karen Diaz Medina and America’s Katherine Nesbitt are among the assistants.

“They deserve to be there at the World Cup because they continue to perform at a very high level.” Colina said.

Also as a sports mentor, Frappart was the first female referee at last year’s European Championships, with her fourth place finish in the opening match. Frappart was the first woman to top the men’s tournament, the Champions League clash and the World Cup qualifiers.

He is 37 years old Istvan Kovacs He was entrusted with another prestigious task, as he was included in the framework of the World Cup referee. As it is known, he will lead the European Conference League final next Wednesday.

Kovac has been an international referee since 2010 and it will be his first International Cup Final in his career. The athlete, who was born in Nagykaroli, has captained 10 international matches this season. He recently participated in the first meeting of the semi-finals of Manchester City and Real Madrid BL, and after that The international audience unanimously praised her performance.

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Kovac is a dual citizen of Romania and Hungary and represents the Romanian Football Association under the FIFA Referees.

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