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Fifth: The Minister of Agriculture was surprised by the Assembly’s decision

According to Agriculture Minister Istvan Nagy, the decision of the International Federation of Pentathlons (UIPM) to remove horseback riding from the sports program is a very shocking and legitimate professional and ethical protest.

Several people opposed the assembly’s decision (Photo: Hadi Tombash, archive)

The head of the Ministry of Agriculture wrote on his Facebook page on Thursday: “For us Hungarians, the top five is an important sport, and our country leads the eternal Olympic rankings with nine gold, eight silver and six bronze medals.”


He remembers that the five, namely shooting, swimming, fencing, running, and horseback riding, have been on the program of the five-ring games since the 1912 Olympics, and the sport hasn’t changed before.

As he emphasized, the pentacle’s crown was set by riding: “Riding alongside the horse was the most exciting and unexpected competition in the quintet, where horse and man cooperation also emerged, creating harmonious value and measurable results.”

Estfan Nagy put it this way: “Out of our commitment to sport and horses, we Hungarians declare November 2, 2021, a day of mourning for the quintet.”

As he explained, the “invisible beast swaying in the world today” of his millennium-defeating race, which destroys cultures, natural and built values, human faith and destiny, has also come to this sport, known as the sport of pentathlon.

In an intervention, Istvan Nagy quoted Avery Brundage, President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), as saying: “If you enter the Temple of Sports, leave the big politics out the door.”

According to the Minister of Agriculture, the greatest contempt for sports is when “For unjustified reasons, interests defend the right to change the professional guide to the most classic sports with a long tradition close to human activity.”

He also believed that sport is a form of behaviour, a way of educating a person who touches body and soul through activity. István Nagy continued, in a broader sense, sport is a force that unites the nation, raises the nation and maintains the health of the nation, which, as he pointed out, cannot be replaced by anything else.

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“The pentathlon has been meticulously elevated by the versatility of human performance to an honorable level that we can aptly call five multi-history pentathlons in the sport.” pointed out.

“Without equestrian competition, five was no longer an appropriate term in the name of sport. For the quintet, the crown was placed precisely by riding, in which the result of contact with two living beings and not with a medium or inanimate object was to be expected. The parole is deeply shocking, insulting, and raises legitimate professional and moral protest.”
– He closed his post.