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Fifth: This will be the obstacle course instead of the ride – video

The first official hurdles test was held in Ankara on Tuesday, with Peter Barani finishing fifth among the young boys.

The Olympic Five Hoops Fotó (Photo: UIPM)

Somewhat ironically, the first official test of the hurdles race was held on the re-arranged equestrian track on Tuesday, at the venue of the World Cup Quintet Final in Ankara, two days after the event. Accompany Peter Barani, Volán Fehérvár athlete, to the Turkish capital, Istvan Galai, Secretary General of the Hungarian Society – the event can also be used for networking.

Lamb finished fifth in the young boys’ race – in both his attempts, he hit the red button to announce the end of the obstacle course, ending the beautiful day with positive vibes. He also does not regret his lack of interest in the medal race, since his palm is not accustomed to the load associated with the obstacle course, so it swelled up and blisters appeared on it.

“Whatever my opinion of the situation is, it is now up to me to stand up frankly and positively for the new race and help it fit into the top five and the ideals that Baron Coubertin created for the sport and the perfect athlete. We no longer have a say in what will happen to the ride, the question is set”Székesfehérvár’s quintet said.

After Monday’s training, this time it was a weightlifting exercise on the track, an iron bar had to be flipped, three more ruptures were introduced, the rest depended more on the movement of the feet, and after Monday’s training it was once again proven: the latter is very strong .

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“In a questionnaire sent to the International Federation of Pentathlons (UIPM), we suggested replacing one of the hanging hurdles that works the upper body with a jump or balance, which is a skill task, because it fits better with the sport, and depends on existing skills, and UIPM is very pleased with this Comments., because you want the new competition to be based on our existing knowledge.”Peter Barany explained.

It is also a big help that the Hungarians got to know many of the professional riders at this event: it is very important to establish contacts with the international elite, as this sport has to be played at a high level as well. Instead of another pre-planned Test, three more Test events will take place this season: two at the World Junior Championships and one at the European Youth Championship.