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Fight between the Unionists and Sinn Fin – Abroad

Easter riots in Northern Ireland.

Violent riots erupted in several places in Northern Ireland over the Easter weekend. Authorities in Northern Ireland reported several consecutive nights, often with groups of young people repeatedly attacking police with stones, bottles, crackers and Molotov cocktails. In Newtownpe and Garrickfergus, near Belfast, rioters set fire to cars and trash cans. So far 30 police officers have been injured in the clash.

The background to the riots was political tensions between pro-British trade unionists and supporters of the United Ireland and the police. In the past few days, members of the Sinn Fin party, which campaigns for a united Ireland, attended the funeral of a former leading member of the IRA terrorist movement last year, sparking controversy that it may have ignored corona rules. . The police have been criticized as too weak a repression.

Boys aged 12 to 15 were also involved in the unrest

In addition, the special rules and material restrictions in force in Northern Ireland since Brexit have repeatedly caused problems and conflicts in the former Civil War region. Unionists fear that Northern Ireland as a province in the UK will be increasingly cut off and left behind.

Northern Ireland Minister Brandon Lewis condemned the violence as “completely unacceptable”. Representatives of the pro-British trade unions and Sinn Fin also insisted on silence. However, many party politicians criticized the unionists for increasing tensions with their rhetoric. Police called for calm and asked parents to be careful not to allow their children to take part in the riots. People between the ages of 12 and 14 were also said to have attended the riot over the weekend.

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