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Filming for the second season of Loki could start in the summer, an important character is back

So far, we can’t help but be sure that the delusional deity is back, as it’s hard to imagine the series continuing without Loki.

Fans of the Loki series can rejoice, as Owen Wilson has announced that he will be returning for the second season of the series on Disney+. The actor himself confirmed the news in a video interview with WIRED, in which he answered a number of burning questions, including whether he will appear in the new season of Loki.

Wilson Möbius plays the character Möbius in the series, a conscientious employee of the Time-Changing Authority. Viewers may remember that due to Sylvie’s activities, Moebius no longer recognizes Loki in the Season 1 finale after the universe’s structure changes.

With the advent of Mobius, there’s a good chance the time cop will get to know Loki again, provided his role in the story doesn’t backfire in the new season. It would be a shame because fans enjoyed the dynamics between the agent of Aktakukac and the god of intrigue.

Season 1 revealed that the Time Shift Authority’s staff were themselves brainwashed variants, allowing Mobius to find out who he really was before his memory was erased, according to the report. Movie.

Aside from Owen Wilson, the return of the title character, Tom Hiddleston, is only certain, as the series would be hard to do without him. We will certainly see many familiar faces and some new characters will also appear on the scene. Filming for the second season will begin “soon,” likely this summer. The release date has yet to be released, but we are expected to wait until 2023 for the new episodes.

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