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FINA does not allow transgender swimmers to start in women’s competitions

At Sunday’s extraordinary congress of the Federation of Water Sports (FINA), Puskás Arena, delegates overwhelmingly supported the FINA Bureau’s proposal to ban transgender athletes from participating in women’s competitions in all disciplines. It was said at the conference that FINA does not want to ban anyone from its competitions, it is open to anyone, regardless of their gender, but at the same time he defended women’s disciplines and determined on a scientific basis who can participate in competitions organized by FINA.

The Hungarian Association reports that the proposal, drawn up with several legal opinions, makes it virtually impossible for transgender athletes to participate in the women’s numbers. The rule states:

Those who started producing male hormones in any form at a certain age, at age 12, can only start later in the male field, regardless of their current gender identity or current testosterone levels.

National regulations may differ from this, however, for competitions held under the auspices of FINA – the World Championships, the Olympic Games – the rule adopted now applies.

The biggest storm was set off by the case of Leah Thomas in the United States, who beat the second by 38 seconds in the 1500m freestyle. Thomas was born a man, took hormonal preparations, and then entered the women’s races.

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