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Final Fantasy 14 is so popular that its digital codes have run out for a while

One would think that digital copies of a video game are inexhaustible (or just very difficult), it is not a particularly labor-intensive product to reproduce. This is why some Final Fantasy XIV customers were surprised when they tried to get a MMORPG these days. They began sharing photos on social media that they learned that when they purchased the game, consumers received the message that “the number of products ordered exceeds what is currently available.” This means that the digital versions of the game have already disappeared from the online shelf for a while.

a computer games According to FF14, customers were sent to a waiting list, however, the situation has since been resolved and the game can be purchased again. For a while, it was not possible to start new characters, so the indications are that the servers were overloaded. A Square Enix employee asked what happened, but a company spokesperson only said that they shouldn’t run out of codes and that they’re investigating the situation.

Source: PC Gamer

In recent weeks, more and more people in the online video game community have been talking about the growing popularity of Final Fantasy XIV, with Steam data showing a record number of game users on the platform these days. Many believe this is in part due to the frustration caused by World of Warcraft, with the first major update of Blizzard’s latest addition coming out for an alarmingly long time. Leading WoW videographers are talking more and more about FF14, with Asmongold, for example, streaming it live to 200,000 viewers when he first tried the game.

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The next addition to Final Fantasy XIV, Endwalker, will be released on November 23 this year.