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Final Fantasy VII Edition – Save!

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade will launch on PlayStation 5 next week, extending last year’s base game with improved vision and performance for next-generation consoles, as well as an all-new story chapter. Fortunately, PS4 owners won’t have to start a Cloud Strife adventure again from the beginning, as we’ll be able to continue with previous backups with confidence – and we can even prepare for that now.

The game has been updated to 1.02, so the game is official Twitterén By following the given steps, you can upload your backups in a matter of seconds so that you can download them at Intergrade. So the process is a little more than what we’re used to with PlayStation’s cloud storage import and export feature, but Square’s own system proved essential because Sony’s database records the base game Final Fantasy VII Remake and the next generation of Intergrade as completely separate games.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade will arrive on PlayStation 5 on June 10. Anyone who has ever purchased Final Fantasy VII on PS4 can upgrade to the next generation version for free (except for those who purchased the game with PS Plus).

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