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Finally, old add-ons for Android mobile phones can also be accessed on iPhones

The always-on screen may appear with iPhone 14 Pro.

Nokia already introduced the Always on Display with the 2009 6303, and later Android manufacturers also opted for the technology, which is now a perfectly chewed bone in the robotic space. However, Apple still hasn’t given up on it, even though leakers were already eyeing the functionality found in the iPhone 13, which debuted last year.

For lack of a better word, the iPhone 14 series, which is supposed to arrive in September, appears to be the current runner-up, and based on the rumors so far, it appears that the always-active display of people Cupertino will look like.

First of all, it’s important to note that the Always On compatible panel will likely only come to more expensive models, such as the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, if this year really brings the solution. It indicates that a file Mac rumors Its author, Steve Moser, recently made a framework in the Xcode 14 beta 4 emulator that can emulate Always on Display.

In the Twitter post embedded below, on the left, we can see the Always On mode, which saves energy by dimming captions and removing textures (for the latter, compare the whale emoji to the image on the right). One developer also commented on the post, explaining with a picture of Tim Cook that the always-on display also displays black and white images.

And speaking of energy savings, several sources have previously speculated that the iPhone 14 Pro series LTPO OLED screens will workwhich can lower the refresh rate to 1 Hz, compared to the minimum 10 Hz for iPhone 13 screens. This assumption only makes sense because the Apple Watch also uses this technology.

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The third information was given before 9to5Mac Delivered, which, based on information extracted from the fourth beta of iOS 16, expects Apple to create a watered down, “sleeper” version of all factory wallpapers, which can only appear in Always on mode, is in the following way:

It is not yet clear how this will relate to the black and white letters and images mentioned at the beginning of the article, but it is also possible that we are already talking about two separate possibilities. In any case, there certainly was not such a good opportunity to make the long-awaited show, as the people of Cupertino previously announced that in iOS 16, which will be released this year Completely redesigned lock screen for iPhone.

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