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Find important information about tenders for food companies

Friday April 30, 2021, 1:30 pm

A tender for HUF 50 billion will be launched in June for small and micro enterprises in the food industry, which can be used mainly for the acquisition of assets, after which a resource of HF 200 billion will be available to implement the food industry on a larger scale investment. Norbert Erdös, Minister of State for Supervision of the Food Chain at the Ministry of Agriculture (MoD) said during his visit to the Szomor Eco Farm in Domsud, organic food producers could also get a chance to do so.

According to AM statement on Friday, Norbert Erd emphasized thats it is good to see that organic farming is developing more and more in Hungary, with companies like Szomor Estate playing a major role in this, producing high-quality organic products and contributing to the promotion of local products. Organic foods play a big role in maintaining health, which is why they are on the family table. The proliferation of increasingly popular organic products and their regular consumption is improving the health of the Hungarian population; He added that the role of organic agriculture is very important in protecting the environment, water resources and the condition of arable land.

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