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Finished as I started – Johog won 30 km –

Therese Johaug won the final individual event of the Winter Olympics in Beijing, the women’s 30km cross-country race, against American Jessica Diggins and Finland’s Kirtu Niskanen. The Norwegian rider also won his first gold in Beijing in the 15-kilometer downhill ski slope and ended up with three golds and also won the 10 kilometer.

According to the original plans, the women’s 30 km cross country would have ended the Winter Olympics in Beijing, but due to the bitter cold, the start was a few hours earlier, making the hockey final the last sporting event.

Thérèse Juhaug, who had already won two gold medals, dictated a very fast pace from the first meters, narrowing the list of medal winners to four in a flash. Only Swede Ebba Anderson and American Jessica Diggins, and, to her surprise, only Frenchwoman Delphine Claudel were able to keep up.

However, Russian Natalia Nebergaeva, who leads the complex World Cup, could not keep up with the pace so much that she gave up the race after the first lap. At 8 kilometers, Claudel also gave up, so he already took the medals, and after another 2 kilometers, the fate of the Olympic title was decided, because he could break Johaug Diggins and Andersson.

The Norwegian rider named Duracell Pani only drove more than a minute after the 20 kilometres, but the Digens silver wasn’t in danger either, but Anderson eventually overtook and finished eighth only because the bronze was won by Kirtu Niskanen of Finland.

Winter Olympics, Beijing 2022
Skateboarding, women’s 30km (free style)
1. Therese Juhaug (Norway) 1:24.54.0 hours
2. Jessica Diggins (USA) +1: 43.3 minutes
3. Kerttu Niskanen (Finland) +2: 33.3
4. Jonah Sondling (Sweden) +2: 35.4
5. Tatijana Sorina (Russian team) +2: 37.2
6. Rosie Brennan (US) +2: 38.7

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