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Firefox can be made the default browser for Windows 11

Mozilla has taken the solution on its own.

At the end of August, it turned out that for someone in Windows 11 to switch from the default Microsoft Edge browser to another program, a total of 33 steps are required. Understandably, the makers of Google, Mozilla, Opera, and Vivaldi are concerned that many people aren’t getting involved and would rather forego using their software.

The Verge is about that now mentionedThat Mozilla did not wait any longer for Microsoft developers, but decided to solve the same problem, and since Firefox version 91, they offer the option to make the program the default browser for Windows 10 and Windows 11 with a single click.

Mozilla officials said they thoroughly investigated the situation and then integrated a feature into Firefox that can bypass the operating system’s “firewall.” The company said that in order for users to have a choice of browser, they had to find a simple solution.

Microsoft responded to the news that bypassing the security mechanism in this way is not supported and that Mozilla’s move could be considered “tampering with system settings”. However, it is questionable at the moment whether the company will respond in the matter. In any case, the practice used in Windows 10 will be better for all parties.

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