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Firefox gets rid of annoying cookies

From now on, protection from cookies is one of the primary functions of the Mozilla browser.

Although Firefox is a little late In competition with browsers, is still popular and used by many people, not least because open source browser developers are prioritizing data security, which is becoming increasingly important. With that in mind, Mozilla introduced full optional cookie protection in early 2021, which is automatically armed every time we surf the web in incognito mode.

This extra layer of protection is now available, especially after installing the latest version of Firefox It will be active by default Windows, Linux, Mac, and even Android users can benefit.

While other, more strict solutions block cookies entirely, Total Cookie Protection actually quarantines them and keeps them on the pages on which they were created. This prevents companies that monitor our online activity and resell our related data to their partners or use it for their own purposes, such as Meta, which also operates Facebook, from following our website.

Marshall Erwin, Mozilla CSO (Chief Security Officer) A the edgeIn a statement to the internet, internet users are trapped in a cycle in which their data is being collected, sold and used for manipulation without their knowledge.

“Complete cookie protection breaks this cycle, puts people ahead of everything else, protects their privacy, gives them choice, and isolates the big tech companies from the data they dump every day. This feature is Firefox’s most powerful privacy solution, online tracking.” Many years of struggle against it.”

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