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Firesprite acquired Twisted Metal

Earlier this week, we reported on rumors that Sony has decided to withdraw confidence from Lucid Games, developer of Destruction All Stars, so they are no longer working on the all-new Twisted Metal game that has been rumored since last year. At that time, one could hear that one of the inner teams had inherited the game’s business.

VGC about it now mentionedThat, to their knowledge, Liverpool-based Firesprite Games acquired the eventual reboot development, which was acquired in September. They previously made both The Persistence and PlayRoom, and are currently working on PSVR2’s steam-powered Horizon: Call of the Mountain.

Interestingly, the studios are only 15 minutes apart anyway, so it’s no surprise that there are already Lucid employees now bolstering the Firesprite team. Forums ResetEra ForemanThat Matt Southern, the former Director of MotorStorm Games, is no longer an employee of Lucid but has joined Firesprite, and will serve as Director again.

This, of course, proves nothing yet, as it is not known what game Southern was actually working on in Lucid, but it is a very suggestive move.

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