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Fittipaldi leads the Bahrain Test


Monday, March 7, 2022, 8:35 am


Team owner Gene Haas has confirmed reserve Pietro Fittipaldi will replace Nikita Mazepin in training starting Thursday – but that doesn’t mean he’ll get a chance this season either.

According to foreign press reports Reserve driver Pietro Fitpaldi, last year’s Formula 2 champion Oscar Piastre, or second-tier Jihane Daruvala may be Haas’ new rider following the termination of Nikita Mazepin’s contract – and according to, Antonio Giovinazzi is back in deck.

“There was a lot of intense criticism of the invasion of Ukraine and I was starting to get depressed. US Guard owner Gene Haas told The Associated Press at the Las Vegas NASCAR race about the termination of his contract with the main sponsor, Uralkali, who accompanied Mazepin’s departure. He explained that they are still looking for a successor. Permanent, but in the Bahrain test, a week before the season opens, they are expected to be reserve pilots.

A number of candidates are being screened. We’ll see who’s available and what we have to deal with. But we’ll have someone by Wednesday. “Obviously Pietro will be in the car, that’s his job, he’s the test driver,” Haas said, adding, “We’re obviously looking for someone with more recent experience. We just have to see what’s available to us.”

The American businessman stressed that excluding the main sponsor does not mean that Haas’ survival would be jeopardized, as the team is primarily funded from its machine tool company empire: “Has has always been the biggest primary sponsor, and I don’t even understand why the Russian team became ours. It was. The name Haas Automation is always in the car. We are in a good position. Of course we want more money, but we still have it. Gene Haas said the negative number is getting bigger.

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