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Five more games will be available through the service

Microsoft collapsed last night ID @ Xbox Online During which a group of independent games were presented. It also turns out that some of them are available on Xbox Game Pass. Let’s take this in turn!

The most popular game to be announced is Stardew Valley, which originally came out in 2016 and has sold over 10 million of them by 2020, despite being a single-player pixelated trivia game. in this one heir We have to fix and run a farm while trying to fit in with the locals, it’s a peaceful and infinitely peaceful game. It will be available sometime in the fall on PC and Xbox as part of Game Pass.

Evil Genius 2: World Domination was released for PC this spring, but it will also arrive on consoles later this year. And sometime after that, it’ll appear in Game Pass as well. In Rebellion, you have to manage the lair of an evil actor seeking to dominate the world that the spies are trying to uncover.

Pupperazzi (with a terrible pun) looks like a very strange but cute game that consists of photographing dogs. While they are doing completely normal things like riding motorbikes and skateboarding. The game will launch in principle “soon” and has now been announced for Xbox One.

Library Of Ruina is also a very strange game, where you have to fight a librarian with the guests, who will then become a book… It’s very difficult to explain based on the description and introductory, it looks neat anyway. This game was released yesterday for PC and Xbox.

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In the end, it turns out that Aragami 2 will also be available on the Game Pass offer. The stealth game will be available to subscribers as soon as it appears on September 17th.

Microsoft also announced that Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous is also coming to Game Pass, but that will be eventually Twitteren Canceled.