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Five times more money than health in a pandemic (Updated)

The summarizedThe Coronavirus epidemic that began about one day ago, and how the government spent it during the economic crisis. Between March 20, 2020 and March 19, 2021, Viktor Orban’s administration reallocated a total of 288.6 billion Swiss francs for sport-related purposes by decree, which is nearly 40 billion more than the government had planned to support housing in 2021. Budget (this item 249 One billion).

After the sport, the churches also became big winners: the government reallocated a total of 153.6 billion HUF to the title “Central Budget Contribution for Church Purposes”. Within the aforementioned item, most of the appropriations benefited were mainly protection of the church built heritage and other investments, and other expenditures for the purpose of accumulation.

According to the portal, the healthcare, curative and preventive care that bore the brunt during the pandemic received 60.7 billion Swiss francs. The component is a fraction of the core budget of over a billion billion. Small expenditures are marked by the fact that the budgetary implications of last year for asset purchases, such as the purchase of 16,000 HUFs, which have largely been on sale since then, were not directed by the government to the supply system.

According to, there are three appropriations that are the source of budget transfers, respectively:

  • The Economic Protection Fund, which was originally set up to mitigate the negative economic impacts of the pandemic,
  • Emergency government reserve,
  • And the Central Waste Settlement Fund.

One item was refuted by the Prime Minister falsely claimed that the government reallocated a total of 60.7 billion HUF to healthcare during the pandemic. Last year, the government reallocated a total of 1,127 billion HUF in additional funds from the Pandemic Fund and the Health Care Economic Protection Framework in addition to those planned in the budget law, the Finance Ministry announced one day after the article was published. .

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According to the ministry’s data, the expenditure of 1027 billion from the Pandemic Fund ensured the acquisition of medical equipment and infrastructure development (such as the construction of the Kiskunhalas Pandemic Hospital) as well as a one-time benefit of 500,000 HUF. For health care workers. In order to support the local health industry and increase the security of supplies, the government allocated 100 billion HUF from economic development sources in 2020. With this, the total value of health expenditures approached 3000 billion Swiss francs last year, the ministry writes.