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Flag moved to Debrecen center again – Debrecen news, Debrecen news | Debrecen and Hajdu Bihar district news

The flag has moved to the Debrecen Center again

Debrecen – The Agóra Scientific Experience Center is organizing an extraordinary program for the second time to promote the natural sciences. Exciting presentations and interactive presentations await those interested for two days.

It is not only the display of robots that makes it worth visiting Dósa palatine square. At this two-day event, those interested can experience how science is integrated into our daily lives through great experimental tools and exciting presentations.

“Science is everywhere, in every one of our tools.” The development of the city and technology, all as a result of research, development and engineering work, a small part of which can be mastered and understood here comically – said Ferenc Nefer Rudolf, professional group leader at the Agora Center for Scientific Experiment.

The aim of the extraordinary exchange is to promote science, physics, chemistry and even informatics among young people.

The program series is organized by the Agóra Scientific Experience Center, but several exhibiting partners are represented at the fair.

– We have brought constellations and star charts, and through them we encourage the Association and all other publications with which children and adults can learn about astronomy, – emphasized György Zajácz, President of the Magnitude Astronomy Association in Debrecen.

The event is free until Friday night.

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