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flor tommy about swing clubs –

Divine penny In its presentation, the At your request The last time Flower Tommy He was the guest, and slingshot clubs were also discussed during the conversation.

The Wellhello singer said they had visited a villa in Budaörs the day before, which turned out to be swinger club. Then he gave a strong opinion of the slingshot clubs:

I think there are few things more sad than slingshot clubs. They’re also portrayed in the movies, and as you can imagine, it’s pretty cool, but at the same time, you know there’s algae on a chick’s head while you’re trying to do something with a third person, and everyone is sweating and smelling. Yesterday this place was where all the grief of the world gathered there. All the misery remains there in this place

He said Flower Tommy, who admitted he had never been to a swing club before.

The singer’s opinion was not left without a word for the president of the Hungarian Prostitutes Association, who responded to what was said on the show during the video that was shown on YouTube.

“Dear editorial, dear Pence! I am writing about what will be shown in the second broadcast of the second season of your show. I am the founder and president of the Hungarian Slingshot Association. We have a lot of work to do to try to reverse the negative prejudice expressed by the community on similar shows. The Swinger community is made up Mostly from caring, intelligent, cultured couples from their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s.The fact that inexperienced Fleur Tommy portrays us as stinky, skinny donkeys is very offensive to us and I respectfully ask you to correct this!Cut that scene and publicly apologize!Look forward to seeing you for a cup of Coffee or a glass of wine, if you are interested in the true face of this world! Sincerely yours, M. Orsi – The SWLT Society.”

Divine penny a Hintsto me He said: Fleur Tommy was already a bit polarizing, but they had no intention of offending anyone. In addition, the leader of the association was already invited to the next show to personally clarify the misunderstanding.

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(Featured image: Facebook / Fluor Tomi)

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