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Flying tigers will take to the skies of China soon

The aircraft presented in the Year of the Tiger represents the new direction of the German automaker’s development. Volkswagen makes no secret that eVTOL will initially be available only to the most affluent customers.

The Chinese division of the Volkswagen Group on July 27 hijab tightening About its latest vehicle, which is still in development, the electric eVTOL capable of vertical take-off and landing, which is officially named V.MO, but has already earned a moniker: the company refers to it as Flying Tiger, on the one hand, black because of its yellow color, on the one hand Another, because according to Chinese tradition, this year, when the car was introduced, is the year of the tiger.

The company designed the design with the London studio Tangerine, and the Chinese manufacturer Hunan Sunward Technology is also involved in the development work as a partner. Not much is known about the car at the moment: according to Volkswagen’s description, the V.MO engine, 11.2 m long and 10.6 m wide, powered by eight rotors and two rear propellers located on interconnected wings, will have an approximate range of 200 km and four will fit For the carriage of persons and their luggage.

eVTOL’s flight tests will begin next summer, and then, when it is commercially launched, it will be intended to be a premium product for wealthier Chinese customers who can use the vehicles for special purposes.

More and more car manufacturers are launching and presenting their concepts similar to eVTOL, Hyundai Motor Company for example with Supernal Planning to take off, also for Honda’s future development direction partIn addition to making rockets and avatars, the production of air taxis, Renault is real flying car I entered the competition and so did Toyota field With Joby Aviation in production of eVTOLs. In addition to achieving sustainable transportation, companies consider electric aircraft a new form of personal mobility in the twenty-first century and a remedy for the problems caused by traffic jams in congested cities, but there are differences in perceptions about whether this solution is intended for public transportation purposes for a larger group of people, Or just whether they plan to offer it as a more exclusive service.

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(Photo: Volkswagen AG)

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