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Focus on health, with many interesting programs

A health week was recently held at Daisy Kindergarten in Debrecen. More than 190 children participated in the highly successful series of programmes. Through this programme, the organizers have supported the development of healthy lifestyle habits, and increased awareness of the importance of proper nutrition and exercise to maintain health.

Source: private archive

One of the important tasks of our professional educational work is to raise awareness of the importance of regularity and establish a culture of physical and mental health in children, said Judith Hitini Loki, President of the Foundation. The achievement of these goals in our kindergarten was the animal-assisted movement activity of the therapeutic quartet and the Falcaland Dog Theater therapist, and the presentation of the Tessa Research Department of the Environmental Research Center on our vital element and water. In addition, medical students at Teddy Maci Hospital expanded their health knowledge for ages 3-7 through a fun and interactive presentation. The head of the establishment said our salad day was such a success that the whole community of parents got to sample the kids’ diligent hands, salads, repair cakes and herbal teas made together.

Source: private archive


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