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For a PL player, his coach is faster in FIFA 22, but a

Although the latest edition of the FIFA series, FIFA 22, will be released only on October 1 (Friday), those who ordered the Ultimate Edition have been playing the most popular football game in the world since 27 (Monday). Not only fans and players were excited about the new version, but also the football players themselves. Barcelona’s Denmark’s Martin Braithwaite lamented why he only had an 80 total for his sprinting speed, while Newcastle United winger Alan Saint-Maximin joked that his 60-year-old coach Steve Bruce was faster than him in the race. Viva.

Steve Bruce is faster than Alain Saint-Maximin (Image: Getty Images)

We have already written about him being one of the Chelsea Champions League winning defenders Antonio Rudiger tired Because of the fast running of his card used in the game, and now two other players jokingly cast his opinion on the world.

Barcelona knee injury and his recently launched attacker, Martin Braithwaite He got a value of 80 for his speed, which he objects to, to put it mildly.

“I have a question about EA SPORTS FIFA… The values ​​on my card reflect my current condition after surgery? Running with crutches with eighty…” The 30-year-old footballer commented on his Twitter page.

The truth is that professional soccer players get their own card from EA, all of which are rated up to 99, so Braithwaite doesn’t have to play his “smooth” card at any cost.

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The most valuable player in Newcastle United posted in a good mood, Alain Saint-Maximin Also, who shared a tweet with his in-game coach, the 60-year-old Steve Bruce Interrupts a quick sprint after a winning duel from the sideline.

“Can EA SPORTS FIFA explain to me why you gave me 91 speeds and 99 poses for Steve Bruce?” The 24-year-old French winger asked the poetic question. Since Newcastle have already been eliminated from the Premier League (on penalties), only in the FA Cup, after penalties that may have been won, can we be sure that the ‘magpie’ master is really fast if he is happy to cut the sprint sprint.