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For a while, iPhones won’t get an Apple 5G modem

Ming Chi-Kuo said Apple’s 5G modem is already manufactured to replace Qualcomm, but mass production is still underway.

Last year, iPhones finally got a 5G modem, but unlike the in-house designed processor and graphics accelerator, it is supplied by Qualcomm. iPhone 12 famíliának, In vain a The rumors date back to 2018They will design a modem in Cupertino. But what’s late doesn’t matter: Apple has amassed a slew of chip specialists over the years and then acquired the modem division from Intel, gaining access to the patent pool as well as the talent pool, so something is sure to happen in Tim Cook’s kitchen. the magician.

Both the largest and smallest iPhone 12 will use a 5G modem, but still from Qualcomm’s workshop [+]

Ming-Chi KuoAccording to a famous Apple analyst, Apple-branded modems may still be showing up in iEdevices in 2023 at the earliest, but of course it might not be a problem if engineers were still grinding a lot into this rather complicated genre, like Qualcomm’s 5G modules. . Set the standard. The analyst also notes that the reseller partner has put a good horse on performance toward Apple, as the best 5G phones don’t sell well in the Android space. However, when Apple switches to its modem, Qualcomm may have to rely on low-margin and minimal solutions to offset revenue losses as there is great competition with MediaTek. Incidentally, in March, Barclays cycled 2023 specifically as the starting date for Apple’s 5G modem, so the odds for that date are currently very good with bookmakers.

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